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For anyone who is thinking about having a new website, it is not just the cost of the web design they should be thinking about, it is also the cost of the web hosting. Over time this hosting can soon add up to cost a lot of money, money which could have been spent on promoting the site. Web design is however a cut throat business sector these days and many web designers are now offering affordable website design services with free hosting.


Hey..There are many important aspects to consider with web hosting services and plans. Choosing the wrong web hosting plan can cause a real problem down the road with your business. This in turn can cost your business lost customers and sales. If you take some time to compare the different options available to you, and to see what is the best web hosting plan for your situation, it can help you in the long run.


x10Hosting has

100% Free Hosting

* Up to 2.5GB of Disk Space!
* Up to 45 GB of Bandwidth!
* cPanel 11+
* Free Subdomains!
* No Advertisements Required!
* Shared SSL!
* Daily Backups!
User Registrations: 292,648
Pages Served: 79.4 Million
Bandwidth Transferred: 554 TB
Forum Posts: 565,000
Daily Visitors: 1.5 Million
Support Tickets Answered: 43,716

i use it and love it and the only cons are get banned for not loging on for 3 weeks
cant have nulled scripets/wares
you can have vbulletin if you paid for it!!!

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