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I want to be able to send a text message to my mobile phone whenever I get an email through from my website (the sending of the message would ideally be done using PHP on my sendmail.php file on the site itself).

What are my options for this considering I will probably only be getting about 1 per week?



don't worry, iv found a solution - http://clicksms.co.uk/.

You make an account, buy a minimum of 100 texts (at about 10p each - buying in bulk gets price as low as 5p i think..) and then use a simple php script to send an XML HTTP request to their servers to send the message.

only bad thing is that they don't provide a pre-made sample php script for sending the xml request but i managed to find one on a forum somewhere.

If anybody needs the script id be happy to email (or whatever..) it to them - post in this thread.
(only works with http://clicksms.co.uk/)

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there is an easier way. if you can text your self an email. once and if you get it then you can just use that email to send you a txt.

it usually is your # and then the carrier supplied domain.

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