Hello. I'm working on an expandable ad for a website. Have it almost all worked out. Now, I wish to accomplish a nice effect where the ad moves the whole page when it expands, and brings back the page when it collapses, you can check it out at cbs.sportsline.com (well, most of the time, sometimes these ads are not there) Does anybody know how to do this? Can you help me out?

What I have know is a nice ad, animated and everything but it displays over the page content instead of moving it down. I worked on it using the Flash Ad Kit, anybody know how to make it overlap other flash objects in the page?

Hope you can help me out. Thanks in advance.

I'm thinking that you're going to need something like DHTML programming to achieve what you want. Check out www.dynamicdrive.com However, all of the expandable ads that I've ever seen before always overlap the content. As far as overlapping other flash objects on the page, I believe they are "layered" based on which is called from the HTML page first.