Hello, i'm not a designer, far from that. I work on embarqued systems , a univers where pretty interfaces are the least of our worries. (which might explain why your trading automate's interface is soooo 90's)

I'm working on a MMORPG Server project, and had to design the site myself because in the case where' id get the prestations of a designer , i figured he'd have a lot of trouble finding the right resources unlike me who is initiated.
So i took my courage in my hands and went in.

After strugling with PS3 , i got this result : http://valiantro.com

Please tell me how i can improve it :

are there any mistakes misplaced things ? Maybe elements that should be changed moved for a more attractive design ?
Should i make the layout generally smaller ?
Are the fonts i used any good?
How can i handle the content better ?
are there any possible modifications i can do on the footer?

First, I think you have a good start..... kodos..... But i did notice that there can be some add ons that will make the site look a lot better

Main Navbar...
is to wide and has some two messed up lines that make the site look very bad...
also some rollover effects on the navbar would help the navbars come alive. It makes you aware that it in deed takes you somewhere.

i will post more to come.....

I wish i could work on projects like this..... I end up doing restaurants, art galleries, and churchs...... most of the time..

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