i m new to flash..
i m jst trying few examples of flash 8..

i design a text with shining effect..!! when i save image i got white background which is part of image..!!!

i just want fonts not white background..

hope for positve reply

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Break apart the text you have (ctrl+B)

It should look like a shape which is not editable as text. Then select the text and go to
File - > export -> Export Image.

Save the text as an image as png format. Then you have transparent area in output.

Ctrl B doing nothing..!!

its not jst image.. its ext. swf..!! when i open a new document in Flash 8. i got a white background page where i made few text font with shining effect... when i ctrl enter.. i got the output..!!

when i used it in html... i got white backgrounf with fonts.. i dont want white background.. i want only fonts.. becoz font size is 3. and background size is 10..


above link shows what i made..! i dont want the background..

You can't hide the background.
When you published your .swf it sounds like you published it with a white background.
Unfortunately .swfs don't support having a transparent background, so you have to set the background colour you want. You can either do this at publish time or dynamically at runtime.

I'm assuming you're diplaying this on a web page and you want the background to be the same colour as the web-page. To do this you have two options:
Option 1
Reopen your .fla, set the background colour of the .swf to the colour you're using on your HTML page and re-publish your .swf.
Option 2
In your HTML, where you are embedding your swf, you can pass a parameter to set the background colour of the .swf at runtime.
So in your embed tags, you can set the background colour like this:

    <embed src="myflashfile.swf" quality="high" bgcolor="#000000" width="800" height="600" name="myflashfile" align="middle" allowScriptAccess="sameDomain" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer"/>

The above would set the background to black and set the width and height of the swf to be 800x600.
Changing the value of bgcolor to "#ff0000" would set the background to red.
If your HTML page is a light orange, perhaps "#ffb642", then simply set the bgcolor parameter to "#ffb642" and the background of the .swf will appear light orange.

If you're using a .js script (like swfobj.js) to embed your .swf in your HTML page then take a look at the documentation for the script, you should be able to find out how to pass parameters like bgcolor to the swf.

Either way, that should solve your problem for you!
Cheers for now,

Hey there,
Attached is a quick example to show you what I mean.
I've attached example.zip which contains a simple 200x50 .swf with an example of that text effect from the tutorial you posted. (example.swf)

The .swf has been exported with a white background, so it should be very similar to what you've currently got.

I've also included a very rough (and very orange) html file (example.html) which I knocked up in a few short minutes to show you what I was talking about in my previous post...There's no nice css or formatting in there or anything I just threw this together really quickly, so apologies if it is ugly to look at!

All it does is embed three instances of example.swf on the page.

The first instance has no bgcolor parameter in the embed tags, so it appears white. The second has had it's bgcolor parameter set to red, and the third is set to orange (so it blends in nicely with the rest of the page!)

Cheers for now,

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Hi sam023,

you can do this in a very simple way by specifying the wmode parameter to transparent.

Create a html document as it is in my attachment, and specify your swf name and wmode to transparent without bgcolor as JasonHippy Said.

Hi JasonHippy, thanks for your brief explanation to sam, but I think you are not aware of wmode to do this. Just simple!

I hope this helps for both jason and sam.

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Oh yeah, cheers Raja!
I completely forgot about wmode!
I've used it once or twice in the past, but obviously not often enough to remember it, it would seem. Nicely spotted!


Thanks to both of u guys Jason and Raja..!!
i got the point the size of canvas(white background) really matters and i have take it according to my need..!!

Jason your attachment is really help..!!

thanks a lot..!!

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