My friend has designed a website in Fireworks/HTML and has just saved all her images in Fireworks/PNG format. She has about 300 images all designed in Fireworks but they have all been saved in a format where someone can download them and open them in Fireworks and they will be editable (as vectors).
She wanted to know if there is any way to remove all the editable information from the FW images without re-saving them all.
Sam Rudge (Oh and Sarah who apologizes for being useless =P)

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Cant be sure but try using batch conversion from PNG to PNG. Otherwise choose an intermediate format during conversion which would surely remove editable components(though make sure you have selected quality to 100% to get best output possible).

OK Thanx, I think I can do a batch convert in Picasa but i can probz do it in Photoshop or Adobe Bridge. The ideal solution would have been to save them as un-editable in the first place but don't tell my friend I said that =)

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