i have created a flash menu to go on to a website that i am building but i have come to a point were i cannot find the actionscript i ned to get the buttons to go to the pages that i want.

the problem is that i need the buttons to navigate around my site and i have only been able to find the code which will take the user to a new web site. does anyone know what the script is to get the buttons to move around the pages within the site. or can anyone pot a link of a tutorial which will explain how to do this.

my search will go on so if i get the answer i need before anyone posts i will put the address where i found it up here.

i have got it to navigate to the new pages from the home page but it keeps opening the new page in a new tab the code i have used looks like this

on (release){
getURL("construction/index.htm", "self");


where i have put self should this not open the page in the same window/tab.

if not anyone know what should be put in so it opens in the same window.

i have now changed the self part so it is _self and it has made the button stop working. they are not taking you to any page now just staying on the page it was on to start with.

the solution to the problem that i was facing is as follows:

if you want the links from the buttons to open in the same window then the code to use looks like this:-

on (release){

the file being linked to is written the same as it would be in html code and to get the link to open in a new window then the code is:-

on (release){
getURL("../construction/index.htm" "blank");
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