Hi everyone,

I have a website and its being displayed perfectly in Firefox and in the AOL browser but for some reason graphics and banners are being displaced into different positions when viewed in Internet Explorer 8 and I just wondered why that would be?

My web designer says that on his computer the website looks perfect in Firefox, Aol and Internet Explorer but for some reason on my computer it does not look right in Internet Explorer. The only different I can think of between his computer and mine is that he is running Windows XP and I am using windows vista. We are both using the same version of Internet Explorer 8.

Anyway help would be welcome.

PS: Sorry for the misleading Title as explained in this post the problem is ONLY with Internet explorer and NOT with AOL.

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Do both of you have IE configured the same? Same text size, style and browser zoom level? Is your desktop set to the same graphics propertis?

Hi Techsheaven,

I am not sure about that. How do you configure Internet explorer to have the same text size and style and browser zoom level? And to also set my desktop to the same graphics properties?

And is their a default setting for all of these things. Usually me and my web designer see the same problems in the same browsers and its a lot easier to fix them like that.

Many thanks

For IE to default condition:

In IE8, click on Tools and select Internet Options. In the Internet Options dialog box, activate the Advanced Tab, and click Reset...

That resets a lot more than visual components. For the individual three IE properties we're talking about, do this:

On the Page menu, Point to Zoom level, click the Zoom Level and set to 100%.

Also on the Page Menu, Point Style and select Default Style.

Again, on the Page menu, is Text Size. Point to it and set it to Medium.

Sorry for the crazy post. I edited it.

Hi TechsHeaven,

Thanks for this! As you can probably guess I am a newbie! And just trying to learn as much as possible so that I have a better understanding of things.

I will try all the things that you suggested and also tell my web designer to do the same on his computer so that we will consistently see the same thing when we are checking the web pages.

Many thanks for all your help.

Setting your desktop may not be as important. There is a bit of understanding that would go with that. Your physical size of your monitors and resolution (and IE settings) work together to determine if a page scrolls or not. I would say to set it to the highest setting you can without distortion.

Right-click on the desktop background and select Personalize. In the new window, select Display Settings. Another window will have a Resolution Slider. Slide it to the highest setting, and if it looks OK, Click Yes before the counter times out. If you do not want those settings, let it time out (or click no) and it will revert to the provious settings.

Hi Techsheaven,

Would all of these things make a web page have display problems? Banners and images are in the wrong position for example?

Many thanks.

One more thing. Even after making all these changes the web page still has the same display problems. However when i click on the Zoom feature and change the zoom level the page is perfect. I can go up a level and the page is still fine and i can go down a level with the zoom and the page is also fine. This problem definitely has got me stumped and its not something i have ever encountered.

There are several ways to mark-up text for display. The best designs render properly in all the major browsers. There will never be a case where all browsers render your site exactly the same.

Did the code validate? If you don't know what that is check out these links:



Also, you could post a link to your site and/or post the code. I would be glad to take a look at it and make recommendations.

I'm a web-designer and I must confess:
I get that kind of results wend I'm sloppy or distracted...

By example: I spend the last 2 hours looking for the reason why a site was looking perfect on firefox.. chrome and so on.. and on Internet explorer it was having lots of problems...

then I found that I have used a css class name that I shouldn't use and with 2 letter I fixed that problem... a simple distraction that took 2 hours to be fixed... I confess I was distracted wend named the class

probably what you are experiencing is a problem on the cascading style sheets design of your site. That problem could be caused by a stiff layout that is using to much absolute positions and under different medias and different screen resolutions produces different results.

an example of a non stiff layout: http://miguel.nanet.pt/site2/apresenta.html

zoom in and zoom out and you will see that the page is always on the center of you screen. I changed the background in order for you to see the original page size.

But if you still need help, past the link to your site


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