I'm sure this question has been asked before, but a quick search on google and on here did not yield results so I thought I'd just ask: Why does Internet Explorer/Microsoft ignore web standards?

Is it that hard to keep track of the current web standards and make IE compliant? Are they simply flaunting the fact that they don't have to and will still be "the top" browser?

I'm pretty sure their newest version is supposed to have exceptional support for the current web standards, but it doesn't excuse or explain the obvious blatant disregard for web standards in the past. Have they ever issued a statement about this? Anyone know?

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As far as I know, Microsoft has never said anything about it. But the reason why IE is not following web-standards probably has to do with the fact that nobody there seems to be able to read the standards.
It is not IE only, there are many things standardized where Microsoft follows it's own line.It is like saying "well there may be a standard, but we know better". Programmers hate Microsoft for it, the public doesn't care. And as long as you have 80% or more of the marked....

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a frustrating phenomenon indeed
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