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What do you mean by cut the edges? Use the selection tool and "cut" menu option. Paste into a new image document and save.


I hope this quick tutorial will solve your problem.

  1. Create new image at the correct size for you.


  2. Paste your photo into it. Then Create a new layer.


  3. Next drag this layer behind you photo’s layer.


  4. Now fill this layer using the paint bucket. Use the color white.
  5. Next right click on the shape icon and select rounded rectangle.
  6. Set the radius of the corner to 25px.


  7. Next, drag the rounded rectangle out so that it covers the entire image.


  8. Then control + click on the icon shown in the image below. This is on the layers palette.


  9. You should now have little dots around your rounded rectangle.


  10. Select the rectangle marquee tool.


  11. Hold down control and drag two marquees out (one at a time)over the corners that you do not which to be rounded.


  12. Next click “select>inverse” and then click on your photo layer.


  13. Then hit “delete” on your keyboard. Then hit “ctrl+D” on your keyboard.
  14. Now, right click on your layer with the rounded rectangle on it in the layer palette and select “delete”. Then select yes in the dialog box.

Thats the image finished, now all you need to do is select "save for web" in the file menu. Here's how mine turned out:


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