I am new to streaming media.
I mean, using them in the internet is simple, but I want to put some audio and video extracts on a web page.

I couldn't really find a beginner guide, does anyone have a link?

As far as I know, your web server has better to be prepared for it (and I think I've seen hosting firms excluding streaming content in their feature list).
I only got a standard linux web hosting with 500MB of space and php and mysql and still hope I could serve a few audio extracts and videos for a not that big number of visitors without problems.

Otherwise I think I'll have to serve it from another source like youtube or so - would you possibly rather recommend that?

But I'd not really like everyone to find the videos on youtube.
Not that they were bad or offending, I just don't want to take part in today's habit of sharing all these little uninteresting details with people who are even not related to my subject.

I'd be thankful for any input on that!

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thanks for your reply, Elemen7s!

That Wikipedia site has lots of choices and I really don't know where to look at for a start. It's often like that nowadays when you're new to a subject.

After all, I'm unsure if it's really called streaming media what I want...
I'd like to host a few audio and video files on my server that every now and then, a few people may watch. No big bandwidth.

I'd like them better to be accessible to anyone without any plugins or problems.
Or... do I better just make a flash file from them?
Or is there a script in java or php that cares for my media to play smoothly at the visitor's browser?

Sorry for all the questions! :)


Then give a try with flash media player component, Its very simple to use and publish on your website.

Go to Flash
Press Ctrl+f7 and get the media play component
Look at the properties and parameters to set the file names
Thats it! Embed in your website.

Its Not tough, give a try! and tell if you need help!

Cheers for now

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