I want to buy Studio MX 2004 but there are lots of different versions and I don't know which one to get

on amazon.co.uk there is a student version of the product but at this time I'm not a student but I will probably be going back to college sometime soon, then there is the education (academic version on Ebay) and then there is the commercial version (the most expensive)

Every version does the same but they all have different end time user agreements, so the education one wants you to send of information to prove that it is being used in a school and stuff, but I don't know what the student version user agreement is

I just want to remake my website and upload it to the server, but I don't really want to pay the amount for the commercial version of the product but because I’ll be going back to college soon, also my website isn’t used for a business or makes a profit

Thank you

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Download the 30day free trial then when you go back to collage buy the student version.

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