A client of mine has a website that was developed by a webdesigner. This web designer now ignores are requests to share the access details. The client is now unable to make any changes to the website and is dependent on this webdesigner.

The client is not provided with any access details and the designer is not intending to share the same too.

Is there anyway the website can be got back

Short answer... No...

Long answer... Depends on who registered the domain and hosting for the site.

If the domain information is registered under the client's information then they can make a (good luck) request to the registrar and attempt to re-take control of the damain name itself. Provided that the client has enough information to do so. One catch to that, however, is that most (good) registrars will also email the contact on-file to advise them of this and the webdesigner could potentially block them.

If they are successful in obtaining control over the domain name they would then be able to point it to any alternate hosting platform of their choice. However, without having access to your current hosting platform site contents you would be in a position of having to completely re-build the site.

Unfortunately some designers are so protective of their content and design that they turn to these types of tactics to prevent someone else from 'picking up where they left off' and stealing their business. What many don't realize is, if they were doing a good job in the first place for a market-reasonable price they wouldn't need to worry about this. I speak from some personal experience as, in the past, I have done some site management and web design work for people and they have always had the option of buying out the content I had custom made for them at a reasonable price should they decide to take their business elsewhere.

Hope this helps :) Please remember to mark the thread solved once your issue is resolved.

What was stated in the contract? Or was there a contract to begin with when the job was started? Usually, when I hear a designer is not providing files the designer is holding out for their fees to be paid.

While I understand the predicament your friend is in, the question I have is were all business matters taken care of? Most designers will provide the information as agreed once all fees are paid, and have no problem with it.