I guess this is really a question of professional etiquette for web developers. I have been designing a pro bono web site for a local non-profit. Recently I was sent a document announcing an event that the rep for the organization wanted to have added to the site. This document was so sloppily and poorly written, I removed my name from the meta author field for fear that someone would think that I wrote it. Should I correct the mistakes, or am I just being OCD?

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I would edit the document, and first show them the edited version, and if they are happy with that, upload it to the site. You are doing this pro-bona, so you are actually doing them an even bigger favour by correcting mistakes.

I always correct any grammar/spelling mistakes of my clients before publishing anything.

Thanks for the response, Kraai. It makes sense. If I were publishing a book for them, I'd make corrections, so why should a web site be any different? I guess I just needed confirmation that I was doing the right thing before I made the changes. Thanks again.

Cool, good luck!

I would add that you should always get confirmation/approval from your client before publishing something on their behalf that you have altered - purely from the legal liability perspective.

Will do, happygeek. Thanks for the advice.

I realize this thread is solved, but I would just like to include that text for the web is rather different from physical documents. We read about 25% slower on our computers, and designers often rewrite text to a more condensed, scannable, web-friendly form. It is by no means uncommon and should be encouraged.

Regards, Arkinder

Thanks for your enlightening contribution, Arkinder. I had not thought of that before, but you make a very good point. It is the webmaster's perrogative to make information more accessible to a site's visitors, even if it calls for modifying manuscripts provided by the client. I will be sure to keep that in mind. Thanks again for your input.

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