I'm stuck with this problem for a few hours now and I'm not able to solve it.
When I view my website in google chrome everything is just as I want it: the elements in the two floating sidebars left and right are on exactly the same height and respond to margin, padding and other commands.

When I view my page with Internet Explorer, the elements in the floating sidebars are no longer on the same height. The left element is below the main column and the right sidebar and doesn't respond to any command: margin-top, padding, etc. doesn't work. I even tried to copy the layout from the right sidebar to the left one, but still the problem remains. After that, I changed the margins in the elements in the sidebars, but still nothing! The element in the left floating sidebar just remains below the elements in the main column and the right floating sidebar and I can't change it.

This problem only occurs in Internet Explorer. I already looked up the solutions against specefic IE problems, but I wasn't able to find a solution. I hope someone can help me with this very annoying problem. Thank you in advance!

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Use absolute position and avoid floating position at that your problem situation.

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Use absolute position and avoid floating position at that your problem situation.

I don't want to use absolute positions, because it ruins my layout. It should be possible to align the floating sidebars. I just can't explain it: how can it be, that when the code for the right sidebar is exactly the same, the content in the left sidebar remains a few px lower in Internet Explorer (see the picture I added). It's just a little difference, but I can't fix it.

Solved the problem myself. I used a basic 2 column layout from dreamweaver and later added a third. Their was nothing in the basic code that should have influenced the height of the columns, but it did in Internet Explorer. After I removed all the elements from the premade layout, the problem was solved :)

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