Hi everyone,

Ok, I have a web design issue here.

My programmer just created a new DB & these forms I have link to it.

Most of the forms are not e-commerce forms, but 2 are & we are having trouble understanding how to work the form & shopping cart issue.

The way my cart works is the code is an URL, so it can go underneath anything.

First, the form that just has one product, but the customer tells the form he want 2 or 3 of the same item, how do we get the cart to read the form that there is more than one?

Now on this form... http://www.exoticpublishing.com/z-marketing.php

It's worse, there are 2 items on one page & they can chose more than one of any of the two, or one of each & he is stumped as to how to make it look right.

I want something that looks professional, not where the customer has to go back & forth just to order & then checkout.

What do you savvy WDers suggest?

Thanks & I hope everyone has a great wknd. :)


Hi Michelle
Have you solved this yet?
I guess we're not really understanding your problem fully...
Can't you change quantities at the other end of the system? i.e. when it's in the cart?
Also what is the name of the cart?