Hey Everyone,

I decided to learn Fireworks CS4 and make it a apart of my arsenal for website layouts since it has the CSS export feature. I used to slice in Photoshop and have now learned to slice with Fireworks. The only thing is it seems even this is limited or I am not doing something right. Slicing a web layout when there is a clear distinction between text and graphics works just fine. I'm having problems, however, slicing and separating text from graphics when the two overlap or when there are graphics serve as text background.

Anyone have any ideas? Have I missed a technique or something? Thanks for your time and help.

welcome to the 1990s ?? you have missed all the techniques of the last 20 years


slicing the web page does not speed it up
slicing the web page slows it down
each chunk of the sliced image adds another http request to the page size, the overhead of another transfer

does not reduce the page size
this is not current practice
the way to speed the page is to reduce http requests, small images are stitched into a larger one, and the image is disdplayed as a css sprite
same size of content, smaller size of overhead
styles are placed in stylesheets, script are placed in script files, are only downloaded once for the entire site, no matter how many pages are loaded
some ideas that may assist you
change yoursite.com, to your site

I use slicing in my nesletters and it speeds it up ! I dont do websites with slicing but I think I is also ok

commented: ignorancec is bliss -3