I've added music to my website but it only plays on the homepage is there a way i can make it play in the background as guest are browsing the site?

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Try using something like
and include it on every page.
Set the current position, (onunload) using javascript to a cookie, then set the start point automatically and start playing it using javascript on the next page. All you need to do is write the javascript to include the player, and put it on every page.

what would the java script be?

I think you'll have to write it.
Of research for someone who has written it.
But in my short research time, I couldn't find someone who has written something like it.

one of the errors in the google101 common error list

Personally, I hate websites that play music. If there is not an easy way to turn off the music on the site by clicking a button, I will go to another page that sells or talks about the same thing.

hi dear its correct

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