Hi. I have a question that no one seems to be able to answer very easily. I’ve been designing websites for friends and small businesses for a few years now. Over the years I mainly used pictures that I got online after doing searches for “Royalty Free” images. I’ve also used a
company called sxc.hu (which is now owned by Getty Images) to get a few images for websites I’ve made.

It seems that no matter where I get images I always have one or two small images that “belong to” or are “licensed” through Getty Images somehow. I’ve received several threatening letters from them trying to collect money on a few websites I have made.

My question is simply this...is there a source for truly “free” stock photography or a place that has some type of license that allows you to use images on your site if you agree to give credit to the photographer/designer? I can’t imagine everyone is buying photos for every website they make.

There has got to be a few good places that web designers go to for free (or super dirt cheap) images. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

you can take your own photography and blend it with some graphics. definitely you love it.
Actually i had searched a lot but the same as your result. What still confusing is whether the photoshoots of actors can be used or not in our website updates. do you have any suggestion

Surf around the net... Google is your best friend, and remember that some websites out there will provide you images as Freeware.

you can your own talent like convert your own picture through graphics and use them in the new websites...also there are many software converting real pictures into animated styles.....use them

You may also want to discuss the problem with your clients.

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