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I'm trying to program a spinning cube using basic draw commands (eg 10 draw 320,200 to 340,200 etc Not openGL). I know it sounds a bit basic but I'm interested in the maths of it. Does anyone know how to project an object in perspective and rotate it? I've read books on matrices but I'm none the wiser. Peace and love, Crazy Ben.

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To Evilmonkey29
Thanks - I've been to the site and I've learnt a few things, but I'm still a bit stuck. One of the tutorials said that in order to get a 3d object onto a 2d screen you need to divide by z so that the coordinates become x/z and y/z. Now I can sort of understand that as things go further into the distance then z will increase, and if you make the centre of the screen the vanishing point(0,0) then as z increases the objects get smaller and smaller until they vanish at the centre. The problem is, how do I rotate something with x/z and y/z. The closest equation I can get is:

draw 0,0 to x/(cos*angle*hypoteneuse),(sin*angle*hypoteneuse)/(cos*angle*hypoteneuse)

but it doesn't look right.
Any ideas? Ben

I would like to find algorithms of "Aspect angle" and "Angle off" in 3D.Can any one help to solve this problem....thanks.

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