Let me get started, i am newbie in designing websites, the problem is that i have got a image of the index page of the website which my friend wants me to create. I am not good in photoshop or dreamViewer either, I have some programming knowledge. Now i need guidance so that i create the website totally out of css. Since i dont know to slicing and remaining process please help me or suggest me a better idea.

Thanks in Advance :)

Do you know HTML and CSS? If you are provided with an image of how the page should look you need to create a template that mimics that look by using HTML and CSS to place the required elements in the correct places.
The first step would be to identify the block elements that make up the page - header with banner, where the navigation is, number of columns, etc - and place them correctly and then start adding the colors, images, text, etc.

i know html and css but the problem is that i am not good with layouts. Can you please suggest me some good materials to learn layouts???

i really appreciate your help. Went to the link.. the content is so good and thanks again for the help :)