HI there, I wonder if you can help me at all. In a few days I will have an interview for a web developer job, in a local company here in the US. I am good with css and html, and know a bit of javascript
and jquery. Now, I would like to practice a little bit before the big day. The test I will be given I presume it will be turning a photoshop design into a fully working web page. So does anybody have good suggestions, tips, resources, ideas, mock ups that I can use as an excercise etc etc? Any help ould be much appreciated

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Try using a framework to cut time down. http:foundation.zurb.com or http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/index.html

if not able to use a framework.

Make sure to comment your css, remember to user descriptive names when creating id's and class's
make sure to indent your code, and leave comments for comlicated stuff.

If you're slicing a psd file, try and use image sprites when ever possible. This will cut the http request down and improve page load time and page weight.

Use css as much as possible, cut down on html tags when ever. <b></b> can be set in a class or id as font-weight:bold; Things like that will help. Seperate your css rules topbar, header, banner, homepage, contactpage...

Make sure to validate you code as well. Structured markup will help impove the code design and let search engine read your sites better.

checkout http://net.tutsplus.com for more help.

Good luck!

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