I host a website on an intranet. The website is hosted on a Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit via IIS.
The HTML5/CSS3 became corrupted in IE. On the computer itself the website does not display correctly in development or when I browse to its hosted version, but the other computers that browse to this website using IE9 see the website as intended. Firefox works perfectly both on this computer and on the intranet.
It is being served up correctly even though it is corrupted when viewed locally from the computer which hosts it.
Websites without any HTML5/CSS3 display correctly on this computer.
I tried uninstalling IE9 to IE8 but it made no difference. I then re-installed IE9.
This issue only affects IE locally. I am only using 2 features, Canvas & @font-face. Canvas doesn’t appear and @font-face is also ignored. But mouse over events don’t always pick up the control underneath which is an odd one.
Does anybody know what file may have become corrupted or how to resolve this problem?

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Rendering HTML5 and CSS3 has nothing to do with where you are hosting the pages from and all of the rendering happens in the browser. If you are able to see the page as it should be in FF and IE on other computers but not on the computer that is hosting the pages then the issue is with the browser on that computer. IE8 has minimal support for HTML5 spec. IE9 has more support for HTML5 but there are still a lot of parts that it does not support.

Have a look at this to see what browsers support what parts of HTML5 http://www.findmebyip.com/litmus/

use pie to enable html5 ans css3 in ie it has some issues but it's better then nothing

My suggestion would be to avoid the html5 elements that are not supported by most browsers that are vital to the website working if you don't have a jQuery or Flash fallback.

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