I'm looking for some help with utilizing google's map api and a chat client I have delevoped. My site has been created in Coldfusion, but I have a handle on that. The help I need is much too extensive to just post on here and would hope that someone would like to chat with me so I can explain everything.

My aim is Jackassinoc and my e-mail is don.sigmaprojects@gmail.com

If you want to check out my beta site here it is. Just the main page is operational right now. www.sigmaprojects.net

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Are you looking for help with the backend? If so, you might want to be posting in our XML and SOAP forum. The whole point of online communities is for things to be posted publically so that people can learn from each other, and other people with similar questions can find existing solutions in the future. We really discourage communication via IM or email because it defeats the purpose :)

If you really need a lot of help, you might want to consider posting in our IT Job Offers for help.

thank you that's very helpful, I'm pretty new to these types of forums if you couldn't tell. ;)

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