I have done some designs in Flash and then converted them to HTML5 Swiffy Files via the google Swiffy Site.

What I want to do is make the HTML5 Swiffy File a clickable link to another page on the website I am working on.

My Question is... can a Link be added into the iFrame code.


Yes it can you searched on google you will find this <IFRAME SRC="hello.html" WIDTH=450 HEIGHT=100>
If you can see this, your browser doesn't
understand IFRAME. However, we'll still
<A HREF="hello.html">link</A>
you to the file.

can a Link be added into the iFrame code.

Thanks for he reply - yes that option you've described does work for an html page to be set within an iframe and the html within the iframe has links.

It doesn't though solve my issue which is to make a SWF Files thats been converted into HTML5 in swiffy and saved as a .html file into a clickable link/button to allow the user to click the iFrame and content to navigate them to another page.

The converted Swiffy file is too complex to go into and edit.

So I'm still looking to see if I can make the whole html5 iframe a clickable link...

have you tried to make the whole iframe a link? a href="youriste"><iFrame></iFrame></a>