I managed to place few DIVs, one below another in container DIV.
The container DIV has fixed height (about the height of 2 inner DIVs).
The problem is that the inner DIVs are drawn, in one "column", down and out of the container.

How can I make them start new "column" when reaching the height of the container?


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If you want the divs to be placed side by side, you can float them in this manner.


Aside from setting the float property, you should also set the correct width for each.


post your mark up just to make sure... usually using the 'float' css property does the trick, floating creates a left to right (float: left) or right to left (float: right) flow. The parent elemet of floating blocks does not changes height automatically according to children unless it has the 'overflow' property set to 'hidden'. Divs are also placed one next to another (not below) when the 'display' property is set to 'inline' or 'inline-block'. The most convenient way depends on what you want to achieve.

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