I was just wondering what the standard web design projects cost.

Level of difficulty: Low
Languages: HTML + PHP

the most complex requirement is the payment processing capability.

Shouldnt cost that much, most companies can give you hosting with a database (allowing for the use of php or .net) for like 10.00 or less a month. And it can go up from there depending upon how much server space you need, how much bandwith, how many databases you are gonna have ect.. the list of things that will change the price is almost endless :-P You have to really be specific with your needs to get a acurate price.

It's a website for a restaurant so nothing major is needed (obv with the one exception).. what kind of budget for the website should I be looking at?

In Brazil, the development of a restaurant software could cost from $5k to $30k (R$10k to R$ 60k).

But it depends on the functionalities. IE.: if it will register clients, products, staff, internet sales, delivery, if it will use printers, displays, scales, cards and so on.

Depending on how far the system goes, it can be pretty expensive.

And this is only considering one plataform(desktop or web), but in restaurants it's nice to have an mobile app for the waiters to make the orders.

What I want to say is that it's hard to ask for a budget without the list of functionalities, without a pre-defined scope.

Is this for an external Web application for customers or internal for the support of the operation, or both?

are we talking 'web design' or functionality? those aren't exactly the same thing.
how extended should the site be?
when I see 'payment processing', it kind of makes me think this is an application that will be used in the restaurant itself, at the register. Am I right about that?
anyway, if so, you don't need a webapp for that, a desktop application would do just as fine.

It's just a simple website that will hold the menu, contact information, an About Us page and the payment processing page that let's people pay for take out from home.

Not to be used at the restaurant (but people can use it if they want to...)

Not going for the crazy look of the website but something simple that works

I think for restaurant you'd want static pages and won't be processing orders. so it should cost much. Again, it is dependent on the requirements.For example, how much graphic design you want done and how much coding you want done.

As Stultuske points out, their is a difference between designing a site and building a site. Are you looking for cost estimates on both? There is also the ongoing cost associated with processing payments online. Have you got that part figured out yet?

i charge:
- easy website : $1200 USD
- medimum website: 1200-3500 USD
- complex website: 3500 - 5000 USD
- very complex: starts at 5k+

hour rate: $65/hour


I run a web development business in the UK and average price complete is £149. That's it. That includes, design, domain name, email form (php), email, stats, maintence, gadgetes and more. As for processing payments I do this via Paypal. You just need to set up and account with them and you can process standard credit cards as well as Paypal. I process a maximum of 10 products within the package, but more will cost £50 per ten each.


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Well, a lot of developers will charge you hourly and for the final result so its gonna be roughly 1k... not much...

Website Designing cost is depend on your site functionality.If your website functionality is more high than your cost is medium to high range and static website cost is low.

Web designing cost varies. It totally depends upon what type of site you want and site functionality. Basically low quality sites are provided by low cost and if you want high professional quality site with advanced functionality and security obviously it may cost high.

Thanks Smohil for sharing the link, it gave me some idea.