Is there a possible way in customizing your personal facebook page? Not like a company page but your personal page?


This is a good question. I am curious.

Not sure what kind of customizations you want on Facebook but I've seen ways of injecting your own code in some existing websites' code and re-load the page with your custom code... so it sounds like it's possible - do some research!

I've been researching and researching, but I can't figure it out.... Maybe this is a question to ask facebook themselves?

You still haven't told us anything! What type of customization you want? Do you want to change the timeline cover picture? Do you want to change your profile picture? Do you want your 'newsfeed' to be all about metal music or hockey or what??!

If you meant changing the colour or changing the place where the profile picture shows up, that's a little harder and you should refer to my first post.

Also, if you wanted to do the latter, Facebook will most likely not tell you how to do that for obvious reasons...

Here is an example of what I mean: Click Here

The general look is different... do you see what i mean?

Oh yes, so what you need to do is inject your custom code when FB loads. Here is what I found from a quick Google search:


So these plugins will do that for you - you can search up more on "changing facebook designs" using Google and you will find a more detailed answer. Although I am not sure you will find a "tutorial", you'll have to learn on your own by looking at someone else's finished product...

This is interesting... i'll look into it :)

I'll update you if you figure out something :)