I created a page, it scrolls... but on the laptops (i was using the macbook pro) it scrolls, but it won't show the bottom portion of the page... any solutions?

how have you specified the page layout in css,

well i've simply nested everything in a div tag and gave it this css (the wrapper is contained in the div tag)

#page {
    position: relative;
    overflow: auto;

overflow:auto; and height:auto; i can see
but after midnight I can't see the reason for position:relative; on a outer container element,
after midnight I cant see the reason I am still awake, going to bed while I can still find it, sleepy
try without

Hmm.. so its best not to give any positions at all for the outer div?

mSedique, I would also be curious as to the position:relative on the outer div. I dont see what the reason would be.

will, without it the page wouldn't nudge...

Do you want to look at the page your self? I can't really figure out what causes it not to scroll :(

I'll send you the link through a pm :)

I also began to notice that on the iPad, parts of the site moves around (i'm not sure if that's the best way to word it)... does anyone also know how to fix that "horizontal scrolling issue"?

Have you resolved this issue?

Nope :(... my page won't scroll down...

when i accessed your site via my mobile, didnt have any problem scrolling down. Which browser have you seen this issue with?

No need to worry no more about this flaw! Ips fixed this issue for me!

Thanks you guys for your current, past, and future contributions in assisting me!