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XHTML is an advanced version of HTML. It is combination of XML and HTML. The features of it are:
XHTML elements must be properly nested
XHTML elements must always be closed
XHTML elements must be in lowercase
XHTML documents must have one root element
Attribute names must be in lower case
Attribute values must be quoted
Attribute minimization is forbidden
The id attribute replaces the name attribute
The XHTML DTD defines mandatory elements

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The great features described on this topic regarding XHTML which are very useful for so many peoples. XHTML is the advance version of HTMl and really provide the great features. This features become very useful during the XHTML programming.

The moment we have XHTML5 (XHTML and HTML5) then I will be over the moon.

XHTML is by far the most practical language (ie. always closing tags)

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