I want to make a website about technology and programming languages , shopping purposes and Blogging as well as. I will also subscribe google adwords for making money and also will subscribe other money making stuff.

1.Which webhost serice provider will be best for me ?
a. I will be required more space as the site will contain huge amount data(web space) ?
b. How Will add the themes and the widgets in my website?
c. what will be the best .org , .com, .in , .net , . Biz , .us , .asia or any other ?
d. can i edit the HTml code of the website for my use ?
e. And how can i make my site more attractable ?

Please give me a good reply as i am excited to buy a domain and start working on it.

I am new to it as i have started it one month ago..
Pleasse Help mee...

Himanshu Chawla

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  1. Depends on your requirements and budget.
    a. Define huge, and what that is based upon.
    b. Depends on your CMS.
    c. Doesn't really matter, choose something that bests fit your website.
    d. Yes.
    e. Make the site first.

hey pritaeas!!!!

Thanks for giving your useful reply .... thanks a lot..

But I have to ask you one more question ....based on your answer

In (c.) - you have written "Depends on Your CMS"....
i didn't get it ..What is CMS? Can you explain it and one more question

In (a.) you have said that "Define huge" ... It is based upon some personal blooging , some reviews about technology and programming cconcepts will also be there .... I will be updating it daily .... Now it will be easy for you to know how much space i will need for that .....

(f.)- If i add themes to my websites, then how it will be done ?

(g.)- Do you think i have to use Database for this or it will be done with the web space only.. As i have explained above my requirements .. It will be Huge as will be containing videos and lots of Images and many other ppt and other things .... please answer..??

(h.)- I will have to design the website or a website host provider will do that or will be providing some tool ...?

Please Reply ....

c. A CMS is a content management system, you can find more information by searching it.

f. You need to choose a CMS and/or build your website first. Theming can be a selection requirement when choosing a CMS.

g. Yes. Web space only is not recommended.

h. You will, or someone you hire. A webhost only provides infrastructure.

If you are just interested in blogging... the easiest way to start is by getting a free blogging account. There are many out there. For example, Google has blogspot. Its free and allows you to customize the look and feel. You can add adverts as well. However, you are limited.

You can go out an host with a provider and have them install a blogging package such as wordpress.

You can forget the CMS and just customize the website yourself which would give you the most flexibility. however, this requires some web development and design skills.

What you do, will depend on what the requirements are.

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