Can some one help me with good materials to design a very good website for my project

what do you mean by good materials?

Skills for learning how to develop websites can be fairly easy to acqure if you put your mind to it. however, web design is not the same as web development. For web design, it is generally helpful if you are creative, which is not something that can be easy to learn. Not all designers are good developers. And not all developers can be good designers. Some are both, and many are neither.

Use Joomla for your website. Which effect most and Joomla is one of the most popular Content Management Systems and considered being the best platform for creating websites. Hire Joomla Developers from us who have an average of 5 Years of experience in developing Joomla and LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) based web applications.

Web design is the desinging part of your site involved in the creation of grahical elements to make the site colorful and attractive.To design web you should be proficient in using tools Photoshop,Illustrator,Dreamweaver and Flash.If you have a creative blend of mind you can master the above tools.You can also refer tutorials online for web design:

you can use any templates for designing your site.
There are lots of free templates including flash templates are avalible on the net.
Go through it.

Thanks all for the answer, but can some one guide me or teach me how to make a very good portal.

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