I recently just added a grid layout, but I can't figure out how to make my links work. The grid that I used is the 1140 one at http://cssgrid.net/. I studied the source code of that website, and tried to make my page like theirs, but when I put everything in it made mine worse, and the grid didn't even work. This is how my website is supposed to look http://spencedesign.netau.net/singaporehome.html and this is how it does http://spencedesign.netau.net/home.html And when you reduce the size, it doesn't look like it's supposed to. When you minimize it I want the pictures(links) to be two per row, then one per row depending on how small the page is. I also want the quote to turn into different rows when it is too small for it. But I can't figure out how to make the page look normal regularly let alone make it look good with a smaller browser. Thanks!

Instead of using a fluid grid I acheived my result with simply changing the container div to a percent... But I would still like to learn how to use a grid.