i am creating a page with a simple text field in it so I can post what I type into the text field to my database and retrieve it later with another program, is there a way to add options to format the text to my liking as I am entering, say I want it bold at one point and italicised at another, how do I add those options to the text field?

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How would you "tag" the text to be styled a certain way? where you considering wrapping the text a certain way. For example, if you wanted bold text..

<b>This is Bold</b>

If so, you can do it this way, upload the text as you see it in this example. Then when you display it on another page, if you just fill an element with this exact data, it will show up in the browser as bolded text.

You may want to consider encoding the HTML before you upload and just decode it before you display it. That way the text will be treated as a literal.

I need buttons like the ones that show up above the window you type in to post here, so that I can add the formating on the fly.That way I can just click the button and then type what I want and then move on with the edditing done and not many problems on the editing end.

Ok, so take a look at these editing tools. CKEditor and TinyMCE.

thanks for the follow up. your link is helpful.

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