Hi everyone

can you please look at this site's source codes (html and css) and tell me why my images aren't showing in any browsers. They show up in my design part on Dreamweaver.



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Images wont show up in background

Instead of this:


Try this:


Hello jen.evans1
I think your mistake is that your pictures aren't in the right folders.
For example you put a background image in the #container div like this:
background: url("assignments/images/websitebackground1.jpg") repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;
but the image doesn't exist in the folder if you follow the path:
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So in your server the css file is portfoliocss.css and it is not in a folder so you do not need to put in front of assignments the dots: ../assignments/images/websitebackground1.jpg
But what you need is to look if the folder assignments exists and inside the assignments folder if folder images exists with the photo websitebackground1.jpg.

And delete from the portfolio.css the line 4: <style type="text/css">

I hope it is helpful.

We basically need to know which folder the pictures are loaded and where that folder is in relation to the web site root folder.

Try this code 

body {
    background-image: url(../assignments/images/websitebackground.jpg);
    background-attachment: scroll;
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