i have "Gedit" text editor. Is it possible to make web pages? and which site is best to learn about coding ?

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Online tutorials are good for basic introduction and reference. Nothing beats a good set of books and practicing what you learn.

Get involved in this forum as well as others and use other people's questions as an opportunity for learning. Try to solve their issues.

With regard to an editor stay away from those that write code for you. You need to learn the markup and scripting languages to the point where you can open a text editor and write the syntax on your own.

You can use dreamviewer to deit pages and for learning programming you have to start with w3school where you can learn all the baisc fundamentals that you can start learning advance things and google is best for collect proper material.

Dreamviewer is best editor for designing website in html and w3school website offers easy to understand tutorials for learning basic fundamentals about it.

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