Hi, I need to develop something like this. How do I start on this?

Please check the attachment:


Hello what you are looking for is what is called a 'select' and is part of an HTML Form.

To do it you would use the following:

<form method = "POST/GET" action = "LOCATION OF PHP/ASP SCRIPT" >

    <select name = "Select Form" >

        <option value = "1" > Option 1 </option>
        <option value = "2" > Option 2 </option>



What is happening here is the following:

  • You define the method that the form is sent, GET is sent in the URL and is read from it and POST is sent as a variable.
  • You define the action which is the script that should be run when the form is submitted, this is normally either a PHP or ASP script.
  • You create your options and give each a value, so if the POST of 'Select Form = 1' then we know that they selected Option 1.

Personally I would use the POST method, and make sure you sanitise your inputs and outputs! Binding paramaters to a prepared statement is good.

AHarrisGsy has started on the HTML, but you're going to have to use Javascript jQuery to get it to show onclick I'm afraid.

AHarrisGsy and Mattster are both right, it is called a select and you might need some jquery.

I recommend you follow this tutorial so you can get used to using it.