I need serious help with a website!
It works fine with Safari, Google Chrome, and I spent a long time making it compatable for Firefox. But the website is completely differently in Internet Explorer. I am not having any luck at all with this one. If anyone could have a look and make suggestions as to what needs to be changed, it would be greatly appreciated.
I am especially having problems changing the menu bar – none of my css corrections seem to have any affect.
Here is a link to the website: www.vaudevillian.co.uk

l think the first thing you need to do is to try and force FF to reproduce the error then use FF to correct your CSS.Also take note of your block widths, if you make then too tight they will fall over in IE

I beleive that part of your problem may be that you are using HTML5 elements. You should note that IE for version > 9, unlike the other browsers you mentioned, is not going to be able to style unrecognized elements (a.k.a the HTML5 elements). You can apply this html5shiv.


Here is some additional information about the HTML5shiv and page layout.

HTML5 Semantic Markup and Page Layout

Then continue your troubleshooting with various versions of IE.

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