I'm creating a fairly simple website where a new page would be added every month or so. What I would like to do is create a horizontal menu where a link would be added on the left side of the menu, pushing previous entries to the right.
Eventually, the previous links will "dissapear" off the right of the screen, with the very latest entry still on the left.
But now and again, a viewer will want to read one of the previous pages, so he/she should be able to make the horizontal menu scroll to the left until the desired entry is reached.
In fact, people viewing this website are very likely to want to see entries going back to the first one, and anything in between.
Therefore this horizontal menu should be scrollable anywhere left or right.

Does anyone here know how such a menu could be created?

You shall want to setup a DIV and add your content here, once you have done this set the width to a fixed value and use the 'overflow' attribute to tell it to overflow horizontally. This shall create a scroll bar once you have left the DIV dimensions.

Good luck!

Hi AleMonteiro

That Valums effort looks really great, so I'll give that a try first.

Thanks a lot

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