I have created a website for a small business (i'm not a pro) and have added a comments system on the homepage so that customers can leave their experiences on there. I've used DISQUS for the comments but i have encountered a problem.
When you go onto the website www.pentyrch-kennels.co.uk it will load the list of comments that have been left (there are 6) but if you actually click on the home button which takes you to www.pentyrch-kennels.co.uk/index.html it's as if there is an entirely different set of comments (there are 3 different ones) and i've checked on the DISQUS website and can't find any solution. Im confused because the first page you are taken to when you go on a website is index so shouldn't it be the same?

So those URLs that you provided are actually different even though they show the same content. That's because when you do not provide the index.html in the first URL, the web server finds an appropriate page to load based on the configuration.. index.html, default.html are usually in the list of pages to load if no specific page is defined in the URL.

The problem here is that if DISQUS is using the URL as the source to find comments in their database, these two pages are different from there perspective. They dont look at the content on the page.

My recommendation is for you to change the hyperlink for the "Home" link to point to -->www.pentyrch-kennels.co.uk. Even from an SEO perspective, these are two pages. You really want to direct users to one or the other, but not both.

Ah ok thank you for the reply that is really helpful. How do i change the hyperlink for the home button though? On dreamweaver you point them to a file and so i've got mine pointing to my index file which is my homepage.

ok so I am not familiar with Dreamweaver, but you should have the option to edit the HTML directly in the application instead of using a "design view". Look for "code view" or something like that. There you will find the anchor elements you have created. For example...

<a href="/index.html">Home</a> can be changed to <a href="/">Home</a>

commented: Correct, DW has a Code View. +4