Chaps, I am thinking to build a nice picture blog, to upload pictures and add a bit of a blurb, just enough to describe the picture, and let people comment if they want to. Now, here's the thing: one of the main feature I would like to have, well really the most important one, is the ability to take a picture on my android phone when I am out and about and then upload it onto the website straight away, a bit like you do for facebook if that makes sense. Now, are you aware on any platform capable of doing this? I have an account with wordpress, so I was thinking to use that, but I was wondering if anybody has any experience in the above (uploading picture to your blog straight from the phone) and how doable it is. I don't think I will be able to develop an application that does it myself, I am not that skilled (I code in javascript and jquery and basic java so out of my reach really). What do you guys say?

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I did this exatcly same thing, but not for a blog, it was to an commercial building security system. So they can register anyone who enters the building.

I used Android 2.0 and C# 3.5 on the server side. It's not that difficult and I could share the code if you want to.

But I don't know any blog or any other tool that has this funcionality built in, maybe there is.

Hello AleMonteiro, thanks for that, really nice of you.
How does that piece of software work? I mean you said you did exactly the same thing, in which way?
I can see a few problems with using C#:
1)I will have to make sure that it can be integrated with Wordpress - if I decide to use wordpress of course. Do you know how/where I could find out? DO you reckon on the worpress forum perhaps?
2) I don't know anything about C#, so I might need a hand with integration, implementation and maintenance

Violet, sorry, I know nothing about WordPress.

The only framework like WordPress that I know a little of is Joomla, and I also don't know if it supports what you want.

But let me ask, are you planning to develop and WebSite to take pictures or an Android App?

Hi no worries, I just thought I might ask. Well, I am planning to build the site and then upload pictures from both my laptop and straight from android, that's in a nutshell. I mean, it doestn' have to be Wordpress, but having an account with them already, having used it once before and knowing about good blog-like capabilities I tohught that it would be a good choice. AN android app is well beyond my skills, so what I was looking for is a kind of plug in, or whatever that allows me to quickly upload a picture from the phone to the website, as I said in my previous post, a bit like the facebook/twitter apps do on a smartphone. I would imagine there is a plug in of some sort out there somewhere, I mean surely somebody else must have done this already, it's just a matter of find out who : -)

I think I will ask this in the backend section of the forum, sorry my fault, I should have thought this had to do more with backend than front end!
thanks anyways

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