Hello! For me everything in a form as to be straight so I have labels and the input boxes (specifically text) in a table. So here is my code (example):

    <tr><td>Username:</td><td><input type="text"></td><td><i>How you will be known to other users</i> (18 characters max, 3 min)</td></tr>
    <tr><td>E-Mail:</td><td><input type="text"></td><td><i>Used for account verification and how you sign in.</i></td></tr>

Now my text boxes in the css are styled in a specific fashion, with padding etc... And while in this table they are squeezed to text height for some reason, I don't recall this happening to me before, it's quite odd to me. Thanks for any help!

I am sorry, i am a bit tired but it is hard for me to understand what you want. I am guessing you want to perfectly align them vertically/horizontally? If so, you need to show us your CSS.

have you included css in this page like other pages.
If yes,then check if you have applid css property according to particular id or class.
If not then show your css for this.

I have aligned everything with a table, it's just my form elements are being sqeezed to line height, they are styled with padding but it's all being sqeezed.

You're asking for help for a problem that has to do with the CSS most likely, yet there is no CSS posted here.

Post the entire code here on the forum, or if you have a complete example already online then that would be great too.