Hello, I have been trying everyhting and I still have not gotten any good results for my cholor sheme. I need the scheme to go well with yellow, green, and red. I know random colors that dont really go well together. But Ive tried black but it makes my site look to intemidating. Does anyone have any good ideas?

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Well, have you tried white or a peach color that is very lightly browned? Or how about grey?

What is the theme/purpose of your site? If not a link to the page? If yellow, green, and red (i think it is for your logo right?) don't go well together you may have to remove red (it is hard to work with based off of the 3, that is if you work with all 3). But you could adjust the depths of the colors. Make yellow bright, red being dark, and green being neutral.

Here is a thread containing several tools to help you decide.

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