To whom it may concern

I have recently launched my company's website: and have run into a couple of problems:

To start, I would just like to say that i am a beginner in web design and don't really have a clue how to write html, php or js coding.

firsty, my template somehow got nested inside itself (Directly or indirectly) and as a result i can't create new pages from the template file or make any changes to the template - dreamweaver gives the following error message: Template file is nested inside itself directly or indirectly. I have uploaded all the files of my website to dropbox. Please follow: to go to my website files. If someone could please have a look at my template file and advise on how i can "unnest" the dwt file or unnest it for me please.

To get to my second "brick wall" - I am currently using a java script plugin on my investment page to display the latest South African PRIME, REPO CPI, PPI and GDP rates. The plugin was supplied by - for example, the code for the "prime rate" plugin is "" type="text/javascript" - which i simply copied and pasted into the html code to dispay the up to date rate - Please follow: to go this page on my website. What i would like to do is create my own widget (or a series of individual widgets) that fetches financial data from an excel spreadsheet (XML file) - also included in my dropbox files (under Data sources.xml) and displaying the data on my website through a js plugin -same as the plugins. Further to this, I would also like to have the data scroll horisontally over the page (in order to have the full string of financial data run over the page in one line).

I have been struggling day on end with the above but am confusing and frustrating myself more and more every day. I have realised just how difficult it is to write complex code and have truly developed a deeper appreciation for website design!

With that being said, please can someone help me. I'll truly appreciate it!

Kind regards,
Ettienne le Roux

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For a start - why have you re-posted?

Secondly - - is a dead link.

We really nead a working view of that to help out.

The link to your site isn't active, please fix that.

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The links works.


You shouldn't double post.

I think it's best to post this in Business Exchange so you can hired someone to do this.

You're small busniess and you want certain things done correctly.

You shouldn't post a link a Dropbox like that.

I also have a account with them but I don't post my dropbox like what you did.

Hi Guys

Mattster: Where did I re-post?

the link to my website is - there was one to many "w" in my previous link.

Lastmitch: Why shouldnt i post a link to my dropbox account?


Sorry, I saw my re-post -Don't know how I got that right.

You did it again... If you ever double post, it is advised by the authorities of Daniweb that you must flag your post so it will be removed by a mod or admin,

To add to my initial mail:

I received the following feedback from the adobe community centre w.r.t my data query:

"For your data, you could always use Spry Data Sets.

For example you could use the CSV Data Set to extract the native data from an Excel spreadsheet (

Or use the XML Data Set as seen here"

I've tried the XML route, but unfortunitely couldn't come right.

Can someone please help me out with the code and the steps to follow in order to display the data within the XML file/excel file on my website.

What I would ideally like is if I could have separate js plug-ins or widgets (I don’t really know) to display any one of the values in the excel spreadsheet/XML file on my website.

If I could have the same plug-ins (as provided on the following website: ) - which I’m currently using to display the latest SA prime, repo, CPI and PPI rates on my website, to display the data in my Excel/XML file on my website.

Both the Excel file and the XML file can be found in my dropbox website files under “data sources”.

Here is the link to my website files again:

If someone could please help me out with the code and steps to follow on dreamweaver to display the first data value on my excel spreadsheet - “Brent” and the “% move” next to it. As I understand, this will require a php file (saved as a widget that fetches the data from the XML file) to be created in my website directory and then the js plug-in code to reference the widget file as html on my website.

So, for example: I would like to know how to go about creating the following plug-in to display the excel data on a page on my website:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>. - This should display the closing price of brent crude of R107.47 and the % move 0.02 as on my excel speadsheet.

If someone can help me out with this, i can just simple repeat the steps to create the rest of the js plug-ins.

Then lastly, I would also like to have the data run over my website page in one horizontal line, same as in the following website:

Please help me!!!

Thank you very much.

Kind regards,
Ettienne le Roux

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