Hi Everybody!

Good day
I am newbe of your forum. I have been facing little bit problem with my latest PSD to html project. I couldn’t adjust padding and text/image at the bottom of the page. So, I attached a screen shoot “bg position” along with my project files. I like to arrange my bottom end according to the screen shoot image.

I like to ensure you that there has no virus in my attached file.

So, please see the both files and helps me to identify the problem.

Thank you.

Hi and Welcome,

Could you post your screenshot inline here on the forum for us instead?

post your code in which you have problem and add screenshot in thread rather than adding attachment to maximize responses and help.

So, what have you tried out so far?? Show us some codes please ...

Hey! i agree with the above. Can you please post your code so that we can help you out?

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