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I am trying to send news letter through outlook express with html from my website as follows :

I have a news letter icon in my website ,When I click , it will open outlook express with html (news letter) and just fill up the email id and send then some one will receive this news letter.

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<a href="mailto:">Newsletter</a>

Then you just compose your email as normal

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<a href="mailto:">Newsletter</a>

Then you just compose your email as normal

mattster ,
Thanks for early replye but this is as simple as . What I want is --I have an html designed newsletter and when I open outlook by clicking href...automatically this html newsletter will come as signature or content (not attached) then simply I will enter email and send.



it is as simple as mattster wrote, just extended a little
<a href="mailto:?body=entityencodedhtml&title=title&bcc=bcc&cc=cc">email</a>

As a last ditch effort RTFM :; READ THE rude word MANUAL

outlook express?, dead in the water,
putting your newsletter on a href is not a useful solution, windows vista,7,8 and higher versions to come, do not have installed mail programs for your href to open, the link will break
a simpler solution would be opening a page containing the formatted newsletter

to capture the email address for later use is another idea entirely

If you are using server script, php asp jsp, use the server mail() function and just input the user email address, and store in an sql table
which will likewise be simplified by RTFM

I agree with almostbob, it is possible to do i this way, but you're far better using a web based mail client to send it, rather than a desktop based like outlook. There is also far less that can go wrong doing it this way.

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