I have this line of code:

$str = "$str<td><a href=\"javascript:Open($Row->ID , $Row->IDCode)\" title=\"click to open window...\">more...</a></td></tr>";

it works fine when the IDCode at the $Row->IDCode is a numeric but then it doesn't work anymore when the IDCode starts with a character.

At my database the ID is int(11) unsigned and the IDCode is varchar(10)....

the javascript for this is:

function Open(susi,kodigo) {

    if (susi) {
        Win = window.open("View.php?View=" + susi + "|" + kodigo , "winMore", "height=480, width=450, resizable=yes, scrollbars=yes, top=100, left=125");

...it's not clear to me why it doesn't work on characters....

please help...thank you in advance...

If your code starts with a character, it is considered a string and needs single quotes around it.

thank you it worked men!