Hi to all,can anyone please explain how to move tables around,for instance i have for small tables of 2 rows each,how can i place them in the middle of the screen ,like 2 on the top and 2 below? i tried to use 

            but even if give to each table it's own id,somehow css of first table affect others.Please explain how to rotate them.Regards

There are a couple ways you can do this, both involve placing the four tables in a container.

1) Make the container as big as the screen, add position: relative; to it. Then on each of your tables add position:absolute; and use top/left/right/bottom to define their spacing from the parent container. e.g. top: 300px; left: 300px; will put a table 300px from the top and 300px from the left of the containe

2) Make the container only as big as the 4 tables, then use margins to position that container in the center of the screen.

Helps if you have explicitly defined table widths for your four tables either way, but can be worked with flexible tables though it'll take more effort.