hey guys. so whats really getting me stumped is the amount of salutations theres are and as some of you are web developers i would just like your opinions/suggestions.

so you have a basic form that asks for salutations, first name, last name etc. salutations there are lots and sometimes one person can have many salutations like for example:
Yang Amat Mulia(salutation) Tunku(salutation) Tan Sri(salutation) Imran ibni al-Marhum Tuanku Ja’afar al-Haj

multiple salutations in one name. yet some salutations are hereditary/reserved for royal families like the Tunku and then the Yang Amat Mulia means your royal highness which is also a salutation(right?) and Tan Sri a salutation given by a state. so if we are gonna have a drop down list of salutation and people are suppose to fill it in which one are they gonna pick? how is the data gonna be structured? do we list all possible salutations? because i found a website where someone listed all(and i mean ALL coz theres so much) of the salutations. and if one person is gonna have multiples how to choose? or do i do multiple drop down list for salutation but that just seems redundant(right?).



a simple, "Excusing all rank, please enter your name" may work

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