Hello, first time poster. Total newbie.

It's a fairly specific question, but if you could look it over I would really appreiate it. I'm having trouble getting a really solid answer from web designers or video animation guys on odesk.

My problem is this:

  • I am using this theme:


  • I need it customized

  • Where the car goes, I will add a, roughly, 30 second animation, of two models (15 secs per model, not 1 min total). The models are basically just one color with lights for buttons, and some textures.

  • Background, ideally, would be clear - but I can work around this if it can't be done.

  • Image quality must be very high

What file format do I need? I googled the pros cons but I'm not sure what will apply to this template, and video length.

I lean toward PNG or GIF because I can have a clear background, and it looks pretty universal -- but it looks like image quality/video length could be limited. Will my high quality, but only 30 second animation be limited by GIF? Will this template support any format, and how would I know? We need a format that will be very universal, does that limit my choices?

Just tell me what to pick. Maybe add why.



Ok first of all what you have is a slider.
The basic idea behind it is that it moves images into the view and then out of the view.

If you don't know coding and you don't have a user interface or GUI, you will not be able to create what you want even, if you have the images as pngs.

Why png?

Simple png are transparent supported by all modern browsers fast loading and a good compresion rate.

Hope this helps

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